Disclaimer: The testimonials included below are intended to illustrate my level of skill and the manner in which I represent my clients, and are not intended to create an unjustified expectation that the success of any individual case will depend entirely on attorney skill rather than on the facts of that case. Although skilled representation is critical for success, the chances of success in any individual case are highly dependent on the facts of the case.

Christian Hahn, President, MBMD Inc. - “I have worked with some of the best patent attorneys in Orange County, California. Mr. Peterson has far exceeded anything I could have done myself as well as any prior work from other attorneys. All my patent and trademark work will be done with Mr. Peterson from now on. I highly recommend Mr. Peterson.”

Paul Otto, President, Flight Control Systems Inc. - "This was written in appreciation of the mature manner in which Eric handed my patent matter.  He can describe something that others are only able to imagine.  Document composition is difficult for most, but not Eric.  Knowledge and awareness are skills he has.  He deserves the highest praise.  Acting at a professional level is rare for patent attorneys, but Eric is exceptional.  He is best without question. You can be secure if you select his service."

Karl Von Kries, President, LightManufacturing LLC - “Expert, efficient, cost effective patent and trademark attorney. Recommended.”

John Turner, Inventor - “Eric was great to work with.  Having worked with large firms in the past, including Greenberg Traurig, I feel that the work that Eric did on my behalf was equal or better than that of these larger firms.  Great communication, extremely knowledgeable and very professional are the takeaways here.  He handled my project like a true professional and made me feel that I was in good hands.  He demonstrated a high degree of knowledge in dealing with IP patents and was able to thoroughly research my idea and give me a very real take on what I had, and didn’t have, with regard to novelty and patentability.  Conducting patent searches is a true art-form and Eric has mastered it. He was able to find results that truly made the difference in my decision to file and would have cost me thousands of dollars (and maybe a lawsuit) had he not found them.  Hire Eric if you want your project done right.  I will be using him again for all my IP concerns. Thanks Eric!”

Glenn Akins, President, Coolcraft Inc. - “Eric was a pleasure to work with.  He was very professional in making sure all the details were covered in making the patent as strong and defensible as possible. I would highly recommend Eric to my colleagues and will use his patent and trademark services again.”

Karl Kabanek, Senior Program Manager, PESystems Inc. - “Eric was great to work with. He brought up points that I had not considered and helped me alter my plans to make them better and to protect my intellectual property more completely. His expertise allowed him to answer my questions quickly and accurately. I will definitely use his services again when the need arises. A true professional.”

Christopher O'Byrne, President, Morphik Inc. - “Eric is a solid patent attorney that drives for the best results. He went through my patent application fully and gained a good understanding of the issue and objections the patent examiner had.  I am very pleased with the service.”

Max Ferrigni, President, Grab n’ Gourmet Inc. - “Eric's efforts on my behalf were exceptional. He explained the process to me clearly and was very timely in his responses. Eric has helped with all of my IP needs and is someone I will continue to use.”

Joel Arzu, Inventor - Eric made every aspect of the patent filing process very easy flowing.  I don't feel like a number working with Eric.  I felt like I was his only client.  I find the way he works to be very efficient and collaborative.  I would completely recommend him to anyone looking to file a patent application.”