Intellectual property rights are the rights associated with an invention, brand, or creative work developed by an inventor, designer, or artist. Whether it provides a functional solution or is aesthetically pleasing, it can have substantial commercial value.  Various legal instruments are available to protect the commercial value of your intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights.



Patent Procurement

Patent procurement, or patent prosecution, is the preparation of a patent application and the subsequent pursuit of an issued patent for protecting an invention.  The Law Offices of Eric W. Peterson is experienced in obtaining patent protection for individual inventors, start-ups, and large companies across a wide range of industries.  It works hands-on with inventors and researchers to understand the nature of the invention and identify its novel features with the goal of producing patents that offer broad protection and opportunities for monetization.

The patent procurement practice includes:

  • Patentability reviews to assess the likelihood and potential scope of patent protection,
  • Preparing and prosecuting U.S. provisional, non-provisional, and design patent applications,
  • Filing and prosecuting Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) applications and U.S. National Phase applications related thereto,
  • Conducting appeals of rejected patent applications at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and
  • Collaborating with a network of vetted foreign associates to procure international patent rights throughout the world, including:






Hong Kong


Israel Japan



New Zealand


South Korea


Trademark Procurement and Enforcement

A trademark is for any word, phrase, logo, or design that identifies the source of particular goods or services.  Trademark registrations protect your brand’s name, logo, or other identifier from unauthorized use by a competitor.  Selecting a registrable mark prior to introducing a new product or service can save significant time and money during the trademark registration process.  The Law Offices of Eric W. Peterson is experienced in procuring trademark registrations for clients across a wide range of industries.

The firms trademark procurement and enforcement practice includes:

  • Preparing and prosecuting trademark, service mark, and trade dress applications federally and at the state level,
  • Conducting trademark clearance searches and opinions,
  • Negotiating trademark consent-to-use agreements, licensing, and assignments of ownership,
  • Trademark monitoring and enforcement, and
  • Trademark cancellation and opposition proceedings.

Copyright Procurement and Enforcement

Copyright law protects original works of authorship by making illegal the unauthorized copying of such a work. Copyright registrations are most commonly used to protect literary or artistic expression, particularly, books, movies, photographs, computer programs, and musical scores.  Copyright owners have exclusive rights such as the right to use and copy the created work, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, and display the work.  It is vital that copyright owners employ a development, monetization, and enforcement strategy that leverages practical advice and innovative solutions.

The Law Offices of Eric W. Peterson is experienced in building strong IP portfolios for clients through the strategic procurement of copyright registrations and through enforcement measures designed to protect copyright owners from unauthorized use of their works without proper royalty compensation.

The firm’s copyright practice includes:

  • Procuring copyright registrations for creative works such as logos, packaging, software, photos, artwork, audio recordings, and video productions,
  • Strategic counseling relating to areas such as portfolio development, fair use, and infringement,
  • Copyright licensing, transfer, and due diligence, and
  • Copyright enforcement and takedown notices.



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